Books, Stories, Essays: My Writing Career

I've been writing since ... well, since before I could write. When I was a toddler, I used to draw squiggly lines on a sheet of paper and insist that I was writing something. Those epics have not been preserved. The desire and need to put words on paper have survived, however.

In spite of which, for a long time I dabbled in writing, fiddled around with it, started stories and didn't finish them. Then I stopped doing even that. Instead, I whined about my desire to be a writer. One day, after listening to me whine, my wife, Leonore, said, "So why don't you write?"

It was as though a light had gone on. Well, yeah, why didn't I write? So I finished some stories and managed to sell a couple of them, and then I finished a novel and sold it to a major publisher. I was a writer. (I'm leaving out the hard parts, but they're rather boring, really.)

The published stuff is listed below. Click on the titles for more information about each work.



Business Secrets from the Stars

The Cavaradossi Killings

Central Heat

The Children of Shiny Mountain

Children of the Undead

Dawn Crescent

The Green God

Pit Planet

The Prisoner of the Blood series:

Randolph Runner

The Seekers


Star Trek novels:
     The Captains' Honor
Time Trap
The Trellisane Confrontation

Time and the Soldier

Time for Sherlock Holmes



     At Home with Solar Energy (out of print)

The Dead Hand of Mrs. Stifle

Dust Net

Once a Jew, Always a Jew?

The Surprising Benefits of Being Unemployed

Self-Publishing Tools, Tips, and Techniques

When We Landed on the Moon: A Memoir

A Book for Children

My only one so far. I have no idea if there will ever be others.
     Damon the Caiman


The Arm and Flanagan

A very long story — or, if you prefer, a very short novel — combining suspense, psychological drama, and a strong hint of The Twilight Zone. I published it as a standalone e-book. Click here for the details.

Earthmen and Other Aliens

In the early days, some of my short stories were published in men's magazines, and I don't mean Playboy. They were all pretty good stories, in my opinion, with science-fictional or fantasy elements, but that wasn't what attracted the editors. Later, I sold some to more standard genre outlets. The e-book revolution has inspired me to put those and a few unpublished stories together as a collection, published as an e-book.

For more details about the collection, click on this link: Earthmen and Other Aliens.


A short but fitfully growing list. Long enough to deserve its own section of the Web site, anyway.