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Published by Zebra in 1995. Paperback.
Reissued by Wildside Press in 2000. Trade paperback.
Ebook edition published by Smashwords in 2010. ISBN 978-1-4523-8243-2.

Sequel to Insatiable.

About the series

"More Venneman!" the world insisted. "Give us more!"

A slight exaggeration there. However, I had more Venneman ideas, nifty ones, so I wrote this sequel. I tried to top the gross scene of the first book and have been told by some friends that I succeeded. The main gross scene in this book didn't sicken me the way the main gross scene in the first book did. I seem to have immunized myself.

Will there be a third book in this series? Will Richard Venneman ever find happiness and stop being such a kvetch? Will there be more strange body changes, metaphysical maunderings, odd sex, and Great Grossout Scene #3? Stay tuned.

First Three Chapters Online

To read the first three chapters of the book, click here.

For a pdf version of the first three chapters, click here.

Ordering the Book

E-Book Editions

Unlike the print editions (see below), the e-book version of Unquenchable is alive and well and available for various e-book readers.


Print Editions

The original paperback edition of Unquenchable and the trade paperback reissue are both out of print. Copies of both show up sometimes in used bookstores and on Web sites for used books. You can also try the following links: