Earthmen and Other Aliens

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Ebook published by Smashwords in 2010.
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Ghosts, vampires, zombies, not entirely sane scientists, witches, robots, and men on the moon. A collection of short stories - fantasy, horror, science fiction, and more - some previously published and some not, some serious and some whimsical. Suitable reading for all adult varieties of Earthmen and other aliens.

Included in the collection are the following previously published stories:

Adam's Servant

This was my first publication of any kind. It was published in Cavalier magazine in December, 1972. Another story in that same issue was "The Mangler" by some kid named Stephen King. Poor fellow. Here I've gone on to vast literary fame and fortune, and he's languished in obscurity. But that's what he gets for selling his fiction to magazines with semi-naked women on the cover. Tsk. Tsk.

Reign of Blood

This short story was published in an anthology of erotic vampire tales, Love Bites, published by Masquerade Books in 1995. It stars a major supporting character from my vampire novels. "Reign of Blood" tells how she fared during the French Revolution, how she crossed from France to England, and how she seduced and made a vampire of a fellow named Percy Blakeney.

Life Sentence

Zombies! Who can resist writing a zombie story? I know I can't. (At this point, you should insert whatever quip seems funniest to you. "You can't kill zombie stories." "Those ideas just keep eating at you." Etc.) "Life Sentence" was published in the anthology The Book of More Flesh, published by Eden Studios, Inc. in 2002. The problem of course, just as with vampires, is coming up with a different twist on an idea which has been used by so many other writers. My twist was to make the zombies science fictional rather than supernatural. But the resulting story is still horrifying, I hope. I know you want to know more. It's eating you alive, isn't it? So buy the anthology! It's chock full of zombie stories with twists.

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