Translation Partners International is a small translation agency which we believe can successfully compete with larger agencies in terms of quality, cost, and range of services.

We welcome both large and small contracts. A business letter receives the same careful attention as a lengthy technical manual or legal document.


Whatever language you need translated, we can find the appropriate professional.

We hire only fully qualified translators who have

  • professional accreditation as translators
  • advanced language, technical, or business degrees
  • years of translating experience, with a specialty such as computer software, hardware, medical, business, legal, or technical work
  • up-to-date office equipment such as computers, fax machines, laser printers, modems, and e-mail, so that they can deliver a polished finished product in the shortest possible time


Chinese • Danish • Dutch • Finnish • French • German • Greek • Italian • Japanese • Norwegian • Portuguese • Spanish • Swedish

Others available. Please ask.


We offer more:
  • desktop publishing in
    • FrameMaker
    • PageMaker
    • QuarkXpress
    • Microsoft Word
  • camera-ready printout
  • electronic copy on diskette or by modem

   We are experienced with CE mark certification.

Here's how to contact us:

Telephone: (303) 795-9200
Fax: (303) 795-5530
E-mail: translationpartners@live.com

Surface mail:

Sabina Hatch, President
Translation Partners International
91 Fairway Ln.
Littleton CO 80123